YARAT Studios is a new dedicated artist studios in Baku, Azerbaijan. The building comprises of eleven studios and residential space which is to be used by Azerbaijani and visiting international artists.

YARAT Studios is a regional platform for emerging and established artists and a place for creative collaboration between local and foreign artists. The main mission of YARAT Studios is to provide artists with new opportunities and a working environment that encourages them to grow both professionally and personally. At YARAT Studios artists have an opportunity to push the boundaries of contemporary art, conduct artistic experiments and gain a firm standing in the art world. Here they can share their artistic visions and inspire each other in new individual and collective projects. As a result YARAT Studios is helping in the creation of a lasting cultural dialogue between artists and art institutions, both at home and abroad.

The studios also enable YARAT to build on their existing residency programme and to host full-time residencies for international artists. Inaugurated in 2014, the residency programme forms a key part of YARAT’s education programme. As well as conducting research and working on their own projects, the artists-in-residence are also invited to participate in the education programme by holding workshops and talks.