Artist statement
Through performance, video and installation, I tackle subjects such as gender, performativity and sterile sexuality. Often, I use my own body as my subject, while taking on a seductive, white-faced, naked alter-ego. As an immigrant who was born in Soviet Russia and moved to Israel at a very young age, I am also interested in issues of dislocation, national or religious identity and estrangement. These are channelled through a vulnerable, hyper-intimate point of view. My practice can be seen in relation to body art, feminist art and identity politics, but differs in its autobiographical style and a somewhat comical or absurdist voice. In my works, I often involve artefacts of Russian character, or Russian language, while dealing with my cultural and geopolitical origins, as well as with the current state of my identity and the stereotyped, secluded status of the Russian community in Israel at large.