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06 Feb 18

Dear cinephiles and young filmmakers, YARAT Contemporary Art Space has a nice surprise for those of you who wish to pursue a career in film industry!
YARAT Film club is launching a series of talks and workshops that by prominent directors, script writers, actors and producers.
Starting from this month we will be hosting workshops by local and international experts, and the series will open on February 6 with a workshop by a film and theatre director Ilgar Safat.

Workshop title is “Cinema that reflects the spirit of time”. Safat’s workshop will take you on a journey through the history of world cinema.

How did cinematography evolve through the last century? What are some topics that directors and writers were concerned with in the past and what are some themes that are hot today?

We will try to understand why cinematography has a strong connection to the time it is born in and why cinema renews itself every decade.

Ilgar safat is a film and theatre director, script writer, poet and song writer who graduated in 2002 from High Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors, Moscow, where he was coached by V.I. Hotinenko .

The same year he made his first feature film «the Grandson of the Mountains», that was representing Azerbaijan for a number of year across Europe in frames of Caucasian Project. After graduating, he started his career at the Far Eastern Studio of Film Chronicles, Habarovsk. 

His short film “The roots of the sky” was accepted into the collection of the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

His first feature film “The Precinct” (2010) was selected as the Azerbaijani entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards. The film has been screened in many international festivals and received several awards including the Hollywood Young Artist Awards, California Golden Awards etc.  Safat has received a diploma from the government of Russian Federation for the outstanding effort in fostering intercultural dialogue and integration.

His second feature film “Inner city” has been awarded with a Remi Award at the International Worldfest Houston Film Festival.

Age: 17+

Date: February 6, 2018

Time: 7 pm

Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional Room


Admission is free, but registration is required!

If you are over 17 years old and have kin interest in film, please, apply by sending an email to  ulvia.a@yarat.az before February 5, 2018