February 2018


06 Jan - 30 Dec 17

YARAT Contemporary Art Space invites you to join in the lessons of Hatha yoga under the guidance of a professional instructor.

The main purpose of Hatha yoga – creating balance between OPPOSITELY DIRECTED processes of our conscious and unconscious I, mind and body, stress and relaxation, concentration and bloom, ha and tha. 

In class we will pave his own path create each asana in each moment. The experiences of practicing yoga is deeply personal and subjective, since in it you are and the purpose and method at the same time. Let us help you get on the map suggested to us by yogis of the past and modern researchers, so you can find answers to your unique questions, in the process acquiring a healthy and harmoniously developed body. 

We offer three thematic classes:

1. Flexibility and relaxation

2. Strength and will

3. Balance and concentration 

Requests to bring a Mat (we have limited)

Glad to see you!

Classes are held every Saturday

Time: 18:30 to 20:00

Free admission

Venue: YARAT Centre (Bayil district, near National Flag Square)

For participate please contact with: sayara.h@yarat.az or by calling 050 218 06 29.