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03 Jul - 01 Sep 17

YARAT launches Camping and Gramping summer camp program. Unique idea of this camp is to bring together two generations – youth from 8 to 17 ages with their grandparents. Every week of this camp will have a specific theme.

  • Describe the Future 3 – July 7

Week dedicated to designing and constructing your own kite. 

  • Without borders 10 – July 14

Week dedicated to the bally and national dances with Ilham Osmanov, founder of school of Tango. 

Final performance of master classes will be held on July 15 at 12:00. You all will become a witness of beautiful dance show where two generations are involved.

  • Photography 17 – July 21

A week will be dedicated to photography and guided by an outstanding Azerbaijani photographer Elmar Mustafayev. Throughout our Storytelling using photography course you will learn to take great pictures.

This course, designed strictly for beginners, provides skills and tools you'll need to make your stories alive through images. You’ll learn to use a series of photographs to tell your story. You’ll study all the factors that influence the quality of your photographs, including light metering, focus, composition, and flash. Elmar will introduce you with tips and techniques for shooting stories and will show what you can do with an image editor in post. Of course, the participants will explore works from our current exhibition Suns and Neons over Kazakhstan. This exhibition features 16 contemporary Kazakhi artists and explores the culture, traditions and prospects of the country. The path to becoming a better photographer begins with the first step. Start here!

All you will need to participate is  positive attitude and a smartphone or any other digital device with a camera. We invite kids of 13 to 17 to participate. The final result of the program will be showcased during a final show at YARAT Centre.

  • Instrumental music and vocal 24 – July 28
  • The capture script and acting 7 – August 11
  • Describe the Future 21 – August 25
  • Fine Arts July 31 – August 4
  • Without borders 28 August – 1 September

The number of participants is limited.

For registration: 050 246 92 92 or email

Time: 17:00
Local: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre
Admission is by registration